The floating pipe can be used to keep pipelines afloat. At Sailmaker de Wit we like to call this product the Flootzer. Not everybody uses the same name for the same product. You can find these floaters as cable floats, hose floats, buoyancy bags and pipe floats. But we call them the Flootzer.

Inflatable floating pipe

Sailmaker de Wit makes the floating pipe itself. All our floaters are inflatable. This will save you a lot of space and we all know that space is precious. It is possible to use the floating pipe at several projects.

                       Flootzer floating pipe 600


Before using the floating pipe we make a quick calculation. It is important to know what the buoyancy must be to keep the pipeline afloat. But also the total length of the pipe must be known. If all these data is available we can determine which Flootzer must be used.

Reuse floating pipes

Direct contact with the underwater world can be avoided by using the Flootzer floating pipe. Tear and wear will no longer be part of the business when using our floaters. Under water you will find some sharp stones and rocks which can damage the pipelines.

Before selling the floating pipes we will do a quality test. At Sailmaker de Wit we want to deliver a good product so a test is part of our procedure. Normally the pressure inside the cylinders is negligible. We are testing the inflatable floaters at high pressure to be sure that the floating pipes would not collapse.