Floating pipes are used to keep pipelines afloat. At Sailmaker de Wit we like to call this product the Flootzer. Not everyone gives this product the same name. So you can see these floaters also as: cable floats, hose floats, pipe floats and buoyancy bags.

Sailmaker de Wit produce the floating pipes in-house. All our floaters are inflatable and this will save a lot of precious space. Besides the Flootzer can be used several times. Not every project needs a new Flootzer. It is possible to order some extra new ones.

Before producing the floating pipe we will determine which floaters are suitable for the situation. To determine the correct floater, it is important to know the specification such as the buoyancy, and the length of the pipeline. When having all necessary information, the right floater can be produced.

Different floating pipes

The floating pipe comes in two types. First we have the Flootzer which consist of one inflatable cylinder. The other one is the Flootzer with two seperate inflatable cylinders. PVC canvas will bond the floaters together. Also the floating pipes itself are made of the same strong PVC canvas.

At coasts and lakes the floating pipes are used the most. Normally the floaters are used in shallow water. By using the inflatable floats direct contact with the bottom is avoided. Pipelines will no longer be in direct contact with big rocks and stones. Wear and tear is history with our Flootzer.

Floating pipe CAD 1000